Health and Safety

The Covid-19 crisis created a “new normal” for all of us. As we adapt to these times we continue to implement evolving best practices for keeping our clients and ourselves safe.

Some ways that we have shifted how we work:

Virtual Consultations

We now do virtual project consultations with clients. If you are comfortable with an in-home meeting, we can meet you at your home or business and will follow the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.

At Your Home  

Your health and safety is just as important as our worker’s health and safety- this is not new. Before starting any project we will review our job site health and safety plan with you. Every job presents different requirements, but we follow the same minimum principals for any project:

  • We ask you about your concerns for health and safety and come up with a plan to address them

  • We review the project site health and safety plan with every person on the job site

  • Workers must stay home if they are sick

  • Every job has ample hand sanitizer and/ or a hand washing station (if applicable)

  • Workers and clients are asked to maintain six-foot social distance when possible

  • Workers and clients must wear a mask when in the same room

  • Workers have a designated bathroom (either a portable bathroom or one provided by the Client)

  • Workers avoid sharing tools and wipe down shared tools and surfaces between use

  • For indoors projects, we install dust and air barriers between the work space and the rest of the building

  • We use mechanical air filtration when appropriate

At the Rust Construction Shop

Those of us that can work from home do so. Anyone working at the shop maintains a social distance and we clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces.