Responsible Building

Rust Construction was founded nearly a century ago. Our experience has led us to take a holistic approach that connects our bottom line with a sustainable vision for staying in business for the next 100 years. To do this we have come up with a set of goals for being a "Responsible Building" company. We don't pretend to be perfect, but these ideas help guide all of our decisions: 


  • Think on a 100 year timescale about the environment, lifestyles, energy consumption, and human health.  In other words, "will this still be good 100 years from now?"

  • Be well informed about building science, new construction methods, and the building codes and regulations

  • Treat our employees well through fair policies that support healthy lifestyles and personal and financial growth

  • Focus on job site safety and environmental impact during construction

  • Be fiscally responsible to our clients and the long term health of the company

  • Strive to make the construction/design processes fun and easy for our clients